Ford Fiesta Is Made For Young Learner Drivers

One of the best cars out there for learning to drive is also a staple of Britain’s roads, and is of course, the Ford Fiesta. The popular hatchback car has been on the UK roads since the 1970s and since then it’s been the companion of many young drivers, whether they have passed their test or they are learning. Despite some boy racers using the car, the Fiesta usually gets good insurance quotes. One of the pros of the Fiesta is that it’s common, which means that this might not be great if you want to stand out, but it does mean parts are fairly inexpensive.

Nissan Micra

Another veteran of UK roads, the Nissan Micra has now grown in size, although it’s still a supermini. However, some if its older variations still make perfect learner cars. The second generation of the Micra was first introduced to the world in 1993 and came with a variety of engine options. Its 2,360mm wheelbase makes it one of the easier cars to manoeuvre which for learner drivers, and of course young drivers in general, is a huge plus. Taking your driving lessons in a car like this could be beneficial for your insurance rates, and that could also apply if you’re learning whilst being a student.

Ford KA

Keeping with the small car theme, we’ve gone for a Ford KA, which is both a great car to learn in and also a great car for students. Why? Well, it’s small, which makes it easier to learn in and easy to park if you live in a student area. It should be relatively cheap to purchase, and because it doesn’t have a boy racer reputation, insurance rates should be reasonable, even if you do live in a student area. It has been on UK roads since the 1990s so you could easily find an old one if you are worried about doing some damage whilst you learn.

Volkswagen Polo

The theme of cars that have been in the United Kingdom for decades continues with the Volkswagen Polo. Whilst some of the newer models may or may not have been affected by Dieselgate, the older models are still good options, especially if you are a student or learner driver. As it’s been on the UK roads for a long time, it of course means there will be many older versions of the car around to choose from, which is perfect for the student driver living away from home or just a young driver learning to drive.

Fiat Cinquecento

It’s old, it’s small and it featured in the cult TV show the Inbetweeners. Of course like some of the other cars mentioned in this article for young drivers, student drivers and learner drivers, it ticks all the boxes. It’s cheap, small and you will probably get good rates when applying for a Car insurance policy. If you are in the market for a Fiat Cinquecento you might want to steer away from the colour yellow, especially if one of the door panels needs replacing, unless you want to drive the car from the Inbetweeners that is! Be warned the car doesn’t fair well by lakes and parked in theme park car parks either!

The Right Insurance Policy For The Right Car

Whatever your motivation is when getting a car, whether you need it for good insurance rates or you need it to learn in, you will have some specific requirements. You will probably not mind if it is old and common, because learning to drive means you will make mistakes and mistakes mean bruised cars. Having a new or expensive Audi or BMW means hefty repairs and if you are a student, it’s more than likely they won’t be in your budget – old and common cars are usually cheap to repair and you might even be able to do it yourself, and in addition to that, your insurance might be more affordable.